Klu Documentation

Welcome to the Klu documentation. This site includes resources for using the API and SDK, guides to common Klu tasks, and best practices for deploying Generative AI.

Klu is an LLM App Platform

Klu.ai is an LLM App Platform that streamlines designing, deploying, and optimizing LLM-powered applications and features. Klu integrates with your preferred Large Language Models, incorporating data from varied sources, giving your applications unique context.

Klu accelerates building applications using language models like Anthropic Claude, Azure OpenAI, GPT-4, and over 15 other models, allowing rapid prompt/model experimentation, data gathering and user feedback, and model fine-tuning while cost-effectively optimizing performance. Ship prompt generations, chat experiences, workflows, and autonomous workers in minutes. Klu provides SDKs and an API-first approach for all capabilities to enable developer productivity.

Klu automatically provides abstractions for common LLM/GenAI use cases, including: LLM connectors, vector storage and retrieval, prompt templates, observability, and evaluation/testing tooling.


Key Klu Concepts

Understand the key concepts of Klu from Actions to Workspace.

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Generative Actions

Design actions that generate or analyze content.

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Chat Design

Design conversational chat agents to interact with your users.

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LLM Primer

Key LLM concepts when just getting started with GenAI.

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Klu SDK accelerates development in Python and React environments.


Unlock the power of the Klu API for your custom, unique use cases.