Getting Started

This guide will help you build your first Klu app in under 5 minutes and under 10 clicks.

To get started, create a new application in your workspace, and select Deploy from the Options menu for your API details. Your Klu API key is required to make requests to the Klu API – find your key under Workspace Settings.

Create a workspace

Your Klu Workspace is where you manage your apps, actions, and model providers. You likely already have a Workspace, but you can create a new one if you'd like to keep your apps separate.

Simply put in your workspace name in the screen below and you are ready to go. Once you have created a workspace you will be on your Klu workspace home screen.

Add a first model provider

Select Integrations from the left menu and click on "Add Provider". This will take you to the model provider selection screen.

Klu Actions automatically use your added model provider and your default model. When adding multiple providers you can set a default preferred provider. Klu currently supports:

Klu (Azure GPT3.5 & 4)All Plans
Klu (Azure GPT4-32k)Enterprise
OpenAIAll Plans
AnthropicAll Plans
Azure OpenAIScale +
Google VertexScale +
AWS BedrockScale +
ReplicateScale +
Self-hosted modelsEnterprise
CohereAll Plans
AI21All Plans
GooseAIAll Plans

Create your first Action

Click "New App" to create your first Action. Klu automatically creates the first App folder and Action for you. You can add additional Actions at any time later in the App folder.

Klu provides four pre-set options to choose from when creating a new App. You can also manually configure a new Action.

Here's a quick overview of the options you have:

  • Simple Prompt Designed for simple generative or summarization Actions.
  • Complex Prompt Designed for generating elaborate content with detailed instructions and dynamic variables.
  • Document Search Designed to use Context to answer questions with internal or company data.
  • Full AI Designed to use Context and Skills to create an AI Coworker that can answer questions and perform tasks.

Choose the one that best fits your needs. Then you will be take to the action details page where you will be able to customise the prompt and other details.

The name and description make it easy to identify your Action. Your Prompt determines the model generation. The provider and model are automatically selected based on your Workspace defaults. You can change these at any time.

Deploy your first Action

We currently offer four main ways to use Klu in production:

  • Shareable Public URL
  • API call
  • Python SDK
  • TypeScript SDK

Select the Options menu for your Action and click Deploy. This will take you to the Action deployment screen.