Klu SDK Exports

These are the core exports available via the Klu SDK.

TypeScript SDK

import { Data } from './data';
import { Apps } from './apps';
import { Actions } from './actions';
import { Contexts } from './contexts';
import { Workspaces } from './workspaces';
import { Experiments } from './experiments';
import { Models, ModelsType } from './models';
import { Sessions, SessionClientType } from './sessions';
import { FineTuneClient, FineTuneType } from './fineTune';

export default class Klu {
  public apps: Apps;
  public data: Data;
  public actions: Actions;
  public models: ModelsType;
  public contexts: Contexts;
  public fineTune: FineTuneType;
  public workspaces: Workspaces;
  public experiments: Experiments;
  public sessions: SessionClientType;

  constructor(apiKey: string) {
    this.apps = new Apps(apiKey);
    this.data = new Data(apiKey);
    this.actions = new Actions(apiKey);
    this.contexts = new Contexts(apiKey);
    this.workspaces = new Workspaces(apiKey);
    this.experiments = new Experiments(apiKey);
    this.models = new Models(apiKey) as ModelsType;
    this.sessions = new Sessions(apiKey) as SessionClientType;
    this.fineTune = new FineTuneClient(apiKey) as FineTuneType;

Python SDK

from klu.action.client import ActionsClient
from klu.app.client import AppsClient
from klu.context.client import ContextClient
from klu.data.client import DataClient
from klu.experiment.client import ExperimentClient
from klu.feedback.client import FeedbackClient
from klu.finetune.client import FineTunesClient
from klu.model.client import ModelsClient
from klu.session.client import SessionClient
from klu.workspace.client import WorkspaceClient

class Klu:
    def __init__(self, api_key: str):
        self.data = DataClient(api_key)
        self.models = ModelsClient(api_key)
        self.actions = ActionsClient(api_key)
        self.context = ContextClient(api_key)
        self.sessions = SessionClient(api_key)
        self.workspace = WorkspaceClient(api_key)
        self.finetune = FineTunesClient(api_key)
        self.experiments = ExperimentClient(api_key)
        self.apps = AppsClient(api_key)
        self.feedback = FeedbackClient(api_key)